Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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For those who want to pull several pages from one document, this solution is a blessing. It is very simple to use. Next time I will certainly be extracting my PDFs with this service.



Being in a hurry, I wanted to find a solution that would quickly extract the pages I needed from a large document. This service helped me a lot, saving my time and money.



I never thought that this simple service could assist me in separating different parts out of one document so well! I printed the needed page numbers, separated them by a comma and got a brand new document.



This platform is very time efficient and effective. I had no trouble extracting the pages from my document and making a new one. Good thing to work with!



I needed to compile a lot of information from several sources and it was not easy to read the whole document. Fortunately this solution made the PDF shorter. Now it only contains the needed information.



This solution is super-easy to use and requires no registration. Anyone can afford it and extract pages from their PDFs. It works much better than I expected. I highly recommend this platform.



I had a very complicated report with tons of details. I needed to create a shorter version to use during my presentation. I am pleased with the results and the simplicity of the interface.



I am not used to writing feedbacks, but I am so pleased with this solution that I need to share my point of view. This service is so simple and responsive on any browser. Additionally, it works quite fast without damaging the document.



This fairly simple and free online-tool has no limitations. I needed to extract information from numerous documents, and I didn’t have a single problem with it. The other thing I like is that I can click on the needed pages and compile them into a new PDF.